Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stuck with studies in the middle of the term!

What can be so unpleasant is to write something out of study while standing in exactly the middle of first term at Aston! The program is not allowing me a single opportunity to look back where I had a fantastic start of life at Birmingham last month.

The program which I’m in is well designed that entails every student learning the course matters. All the modules are emphasizing more on practical implications or practices rather than stuck in theoretical understanding, which is good for us in a sense that we’re now about to enter in practice of all those theories that we previously learned.

However, I’m not exceedingly happy with the design of every module. Most of the modules are not offering any in-class tutorials or class tests which seems really worrying to me. A student can feel the pressure of study when they’re forced to exams. I personally studying hard but there is no scope of feedback for me during the whole term. The modules are focusing more on the final exams during week 10. So, what we’re looking at is week 10, forgetting the 9 weeks all important period where many of us may fail to cope with the materials! All of a sudden we may come up with nothing at the end of the term. And that’ll definitely be a nightmare. Though, it’s absolutely my personal understanding which might be wrong in a university level.

Towards the end of October, I've celebrated Eid-ul-Adha for the first time without parents! In this festive day, I started with Eid prayers. During the day, met with my friends, offered them delicious traditional foods and hangout till night. It was different yet memorable experience celebrating major festive out-of-home, without near and dear ones.

I’m horribly worried for the next month November where I’ll have all those posters, assignments, studies to complete. However, I’m pretty much sure everyone is enjoying the university life apart from studies. I’m obviously enjoying it.

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