Monday, October 22, 2012

The heat of pressure in freezing Birmingham!

The cool weather of Birmingham suddenly overshadowed with the immense pressure of studies since the start of the course. Aston welcomes me with load of studies which was expected! Every module is designed in such a way which requires a lot of study for a good result. 

Courses here are well-designed with up-to-date materials. What I liked the most in Aston is the Blackboard module where I can get well informed resources to prepare for the course. Blackboard module uploads all the relevant material on time which seems extremely helpful for me. It is the kind of system which can let everyone know the desired performance in courses. This enables us to be an informed student rather than lost in the middle of the road! The program is designed with a proper approach based on achieving goals at the end of the term.

What’s more I am amazed with is the crucial support from each and every course instructor. Their strong presence never let me feel insecure. The way they teach is even more striking. The delivery of lectures by them is fabulous. Their effort is always focusing on students, made students understand the topic they cover.
Aston Business School
The striking feature of Aston what I discovered is its career oriented events for students. I found “Aston University Careers and Employability Centre” exceptionally active with events and workshops starting from writing CV and cover letters, career interviews, meeting with global alumni. Aston making every effort towards employability as it is not only the study that should matter but the employability.

So far so good, thanks to Aston for starting a wonderful experience of studentship.

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