Sunday, December 2, 2012

Birmingham is sparkling at Christmas

Christmas is knocking at door and Birmingham welcomes Christmas with grand “Chrismas Parade” taken place on Saturday, November the 11th. I’m lucky enough to observe the eye-catching Parade. The most outstanding part or the parade was its spectacular traditional displays. It started with nativity scene float with Mary, Joseph and shepherds followed by the three wise men riding real camels!  They are joined by reindeer, elves and tap dancing turkeys as Father Christmas takes a break from his busy schedule to visit Birmingham and turn on the Christmas lights.

The city is now getting prepared for Christmas. All the roads are approaching towards City Centre. People are getting busy with shopping in weekends. This is causing severe traffic near city centre! Though, all these are part of Christmas and people are enjoying every bit of it.

I had the fortune to visit London last weekend, same goes there as well. The city is flooded with lights. Especially Piccadilly Circus, Victoria is ornamented like a newlywed bride! This Christmas hype makes me feel refreshed while having extreme pressures with exam time studies.

Its time for celebration and Birmingham won't let you disappoint. 

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